Cloud Util - AWS cost savings automation

Did you know that the cloud computing waste is approaching 20 billion dollars yearly? On Amazon AWS EC2 and EBS are among the top cost drivers, and with their wide configuration options it's easy and incredibly common to use suboptimal configurations that silently waste a lot of money.

Savings opportunities

On EC2 the majority of AutoScaling groups are by design fault tolerant enough to be safely converted to Spot instances, with up to 90% cost savings.
About 85% of EBS volumes, the main "disk" storage used by EC2 instances, are from previous generations and with a harmless configuration change could offer better performance and up to 20% savings.

CloudUtil solutions

CloudUtil offers a set of utilities designed to automate these kind of cost savings in a way that requires no configuration changes, generating significant cost savings with minimal effort. We have tools for optimization of EBS volumes to the best volume type for cost savings in the 8 - 85% range (typically ~20%), as well as quick and easy conversion of EC2 instances in AutoScaling groups to Spot instances for up to 90% of cost savings (typically ~70%).

Guiding principles


Designed to save you money AND time, install in minutes from the AWS marketplace.
Free of charge support included.


Pay-as-you-go model, charging up to 5% of the generated savings.
Minimal runtime overhead.

Safe and Secure

Stable and trusted by thousands of users.
Auditable and running within your AWS account, with minimal IAM permissions.


Simple but robust tools that do a single job but do it well.


Donating over 10% of proceeds to charities and open source projects we support.

Getting Started

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