Corey Quinn

Chief Cloud Economist at

Features and Benefits



We maintain your 3rd party tools and solutions patched and updated.


We react quickly to any security vulnerabilities and update your 3rd party software for you ASAP.

Safe updates

We ensure your 3rd party tools keep working after applying updates.

Keeping up with frequent tool updates

AWS Customers struggle to keep up with some software with quick release cycles that break compatibility.

“Karpenter has very frequent version releases. in past 6 months karpenter releases went from v0.8.2 to v0.22.1. In every other version, they have multiple braking changes. That gives us extra pain.”

Gaurav P.

DevOps Engineer


Our Pricing

No additional costs. Pay a fixed monthly fee we handle everything for you. Billed either directly or through the AWS Marketplace (*)

Pay as You go

$50 /tool/month

  • Unlimited tools in a single AWS account
  • Unlimited updates


$200 /AWS account

  • Unlimited tools in a single AWS account
  • Unlimited updates


$20000 /mo

  • Unlimited numbers of AWS accounts
  • Unlimited updates

(*) Billing through the AWS Marketplace will cost you an additional markup of 20%