Monthly Update October 2021

Posted October 31, 2021 by CloudUtil ‐ 3 min read


As usual, here’s my latest monthly report.

Going forward I’ll release these reports here on the CloudUtil blog and I’ll only share the link through my mailing list and our new Slack #announcements channel.

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I also published as blog posts most emails I had sent to the AutoSpotting newsletter over the last year, so you can see how it changed over this time. I had to edit them a bit to fix URLs and clean them up a bit, bear with me in case there were any issues.


  • This month I further polished and merged a massive change to the way AutoSpotting works under the hood, in particular the way we launch the Spot instances. This was explained in a lot of detail in the previous monthly update and I won’t repeat it all here, I’ll just state its main benefit, namely that in the new default configuration the Spot instances launched by AutoSpotting will be likely to run for longer time before being interrupted.
  • In addition to this massive change there were just a handful of small buildsystem changes and a minor bugfix.
  • The Terraform code was updated to expose the ability to disable the Rebalancing Recommendation events.

These changes aren’t yet available in a stable release, but I’ll try to release a new stable build sometime in November that includes them, stay tuned.

EBS Optimizer

No changes over the last month.


  • I performed a few changes on, mainly further cleaning up the copy and adding new testimonials. I also disabled the annoying popup that asked for installation of AutoSpotting from the AWS Marketplace when scrolling to the bottom of the page.
  • has also seen a few copy changes and cleanups, as well as the addition of the blog section, which was populated with previous emails sent to the newsletter. Speaking of newsletters, I also integrated the same Sumo newsletter I use on

Income report

I’ve finally received the first income from the AWS Marketplace, covering September. After deductions and fees I received 37.98 EUR in my bank account. In addition to this I received 370 USD from Patreon, which unfortunately was affected by some payment issues in India, where payments were impacted by some new banking regulations. If you’re based in India and using Patreon, I urge you to switch to the AWS Marketplace to avoid such issues.

Speaking of the Marketplace, the number of marketplace subscribers kept growing and reached 5 active subscribers, and a few more inactives. All in all I expect the October Marketplace income to be around 100-120EUR. I also got inquiries from relatively large companies which I hope to materialize in November.

I’d like to extend a warm “Thank you!” to all of you who are purchasing AutoSpotting supported builds, your continuous support motivates me to keep improving it further.

Plans for November and beyond

  • Stable Marketplace release that includes the recent AutoSpotting features.
  • Add more docs on about both EBS Optimizer and AutoSpotting
  • Proactive Spot-to-Spot instance replacements in the event of instance rebalancing notifications, with ICE-proof on-demand failover across multiple instance types

I’m incredibly excited about the future of my tools and I’ll keep sharing my progress monthly as I work on them, so stay tuned for future updates.

I’m always eager to hearing from you, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions, feedback, or need any help. Just ping me on Slack and I’ll personally answer every single message I get from you.

Best regards,